Blue Light Cemetery
May 16 2003 (lunar eclispe)

The Crew
Jeff, Logan, and Travis


If you are wondering where the name "Blue Light Cemetery" came from, then you are out of luck.  I am not sure why it is called this, nor am I even sure I fond the true "Blue Light" cemetery.  During my visits I have yet to see anything remotly blue.  I do think this cemetery has a lot of energy because it is an old cemetery, and evidence of orbs is obvious.  Although I do not think the name blue light came from the orbs, since it has been called that for over 50 years, and this orbs shit is sort of a new phemon.  Here are a few reasons I have heard why the name came about:
  • The cemetery obtained the name because many stones (typical of Texas German cemeteries) were quarried in New Foundland and Nova Scotia then carved in New Oleans and Houston.  The stones contain Laboradorite which at certain Sun or Moonlight angles causes a blue glow.
  • The name for the cemetery comes from fox fire, or swamp gas, which is said to cover this thick forest on occasion.
  • The "Blue Light" is positive or negative energy either bieng released, or recycled.


After more research I found out that there are many(15-20) "Blue-Light" cemeteries in and around Houston.  All of them are old german immigrant cemeteries, supporting the Laboradorite theory, which seems the most beliveable anyway.  There is one cemetery actually named The Blue Light cemetery, in Addicks, off Patterson rd.  The area/raod is notorious for dark shapes, cold spots, hand prints, and such.  Looks like that is my next outing.
I have found where the name "blue-light" comes from, and in doing so have found out where the blue lights supposedly origionate from.  Allthough all of this is interesting, one thing still baffles me about this phenom.  The orbs, and where the hell they come from.  Any opinioins of yours would be appreciated in helping me find out some theories.

All pictures on this site were taken by one of those guys to your left.  Our first outing happened to fall on a lunar eclipse.  I plan on scheduling the next outing on similiar events; full moons, winter & summer solstices.  As soon as we make our next venture I will be sure and fill you guys in.



I have also come to a realization.  If the images we captured are present on a digital camera, will they also be present on a live digital video recording.  The question is, if you do capture these images on a video camera, how will you go about finding the frames that have the orbs present.  Maybe we can film a picture being taken as a time reference... again ideas are appreciated.  The next outing will include a video camera.

I have another take on these orbs we have been taking pictures of. I haven't got to much feedback on this idea but any is appreciated. 
My idea is that these orbs are reflections of small particles or molecules in the air.  If you close your eyes to where they are almost shut, and focus on your eyelashes you will notice small particles floating around.  Now this might just be me, I am not sure on this, I know my sight is extremely bad, and might let me focus in things closer to the eye.  I have noticed that these objects floating around are orblike, but there is also many objects that do not have a circular shape like all of these "orbs" do.


Thanks to my buddy, Piskin, I have recieved a better image on each of the previous pictures.  I know see that there are not just a few (4-5) orbs,  but there are at least 50 orbs in the pictures now.  With this new discovery, and with his knowledge, we have come to the conclusion that the orbs are very close to the camera, and might even be on or inside the objective lens.  Again, any feedback is much appreciated.